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Short/Narrow 3500kg 2 Post Lift

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3.5 Ton Mini Two-Post Lift

£1700 delivered or £2000 delivered and installed

User Manual & Specifications: Download Short/Narrow 3.5 Ton 2 Post User Manual Lift Here

High quality, professional 2 Post Lift. Ideal for low-ceiling. This lift will let you lift a vehicle with a mass of 3500kg – any car or van up to 3.5 ton.

The electro-hydraulic 2-post lift is a fixed installation. This means that it is anchored to the ground and built for lifting and positioning automobiles and vans at a certain height off the ground.

The lift consists of the following main parts:

  • Fixed structure (posts);

  • Moving units (carriages + arms);

  • Lifting units (hydraulic cylinders + power unit);

  • Safety devices.

Safety features

The manufacturers have paid very good attention to features, which will keep the operator and the workplace safe. This lifter has very strict safety features, to prevent you from harm while working with it. Here are a few of them:

The safety devices include:

  • Mechanical safety device for carriage.

  • Arms locking system.

  • A synchronous device to control the carriages movement.

  • End limit switch.

  • General electric safety devices.
  • General hydraulic safety devices.

A great 2 Post Car Lift - Electro-hydraulic, to keep the work going safely and effectively. Perfect for business or as a home garage car lift.

User Manual: Download Here

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